Thursday, September 13, 2012


In The Pink is or rather was a secret group of BSBP participants. It was created to honor Lori Anderson for coordinating the bead soup blog party.  There were 400 participants from all over the world participating in this blog party and Lori was responsible for pairing us all up!! Amazing don't you think? I say hell yeah!!!! LORI ROCKS!!! She worked tirelessly to pair us up, to set up three reveal dates and to answer all our questions, and boy there were lots of questions!  I had the honor to work with Heidi Kingman. She and I had similar taste in jewelry, in colors, and in style - I just don't know how Lori did it but she was spot on when she paired us together.

My hat goes off to you Lori, thank you for being such a giving person, for allowing us to come together and create. It was my first time participating in a BSBP and you made it a wonderful experience.  Not only did we create beautiful jewelry but we made so many friends - and that my dear is priceless.

This is in honor of you Lori....IN THE PINK! Laurin and Isolina

Laurin with pink feathers
Faux pink hair