Friday, August 28, 2015

Beadfest - Phili

Spent a few days at Beadfest in Phili taking workshops with Susan Lenart Kazmer.  Took three workshops with Susan, met some great people and I had loads of fun.  I can't wait to apply what I learned and make some awesome pieces. I love, love resin, ever since I was introduced to it while in Phili in 2009.  I created a resin workhsop using the top three leading resins in the industry.  Of course my inspiration in creating this workhsop was ice resin...  Had a great time and I was happy to finally meet Jen Cushman, what a doll.  Projects to follow :-)  Andddddd.......I don't know if I can say this cuz it's inside information.........Susan will be returning to Beadfest in 2016!!!!!!!!

Susan and Jen feeling great after having their coffee

Susan doing a demo on iced enamels

Susan doing her magic

Doing an iced enamel demo on a casted lock in resin - awesomeness

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